Hippy New Year

WELCOME to my new subscribers from the #TrySomethingNew promotion, led by Make Them Think and the Science Alliance crew from a few months ago. Again, it’s been a terrific success for everyone.

Firstly: Beau Miles picks up 10,000 bottles and cans because of Seinfeld

Apologies to everyone else who haven’t heard from me in a while. It’s been a crazy few months at the end of 2023 with my own kids being home sick a lot (their fine), working an extra day a week at school, my head teacher being away a lot which makes me the defacto HT even though I’m not 2IC, getting all our new equipment approved (literally 2:30pm on last day of school) and then installed, and loads of planning for new classes and programs for this year.

Oh yeah – and then my phone (fixed-phew) and computer (new one – yay) died one after the other. Hardly had any time for TPT 🙁 But – big plans for 2024…

#TrySomethingNew Promotion:
So what was that about the #TrySomethingNew promotion? It’s a BTS promo that the Science Collective put together for this week. Some pretty amazing bargains – I’ve grabbed quite a few myself for my resource folder. I’ve put off sending a Newsletter about it until today because some of my biggest bargains are on sale right now!

Try Something New – Homepage
Pollinators Bundle – $1 (normally $4.99)
Plant Reproduction Bundle – $1 (normally $4.99)
Agriculture / Biology MEGA Bundle III – $3 (normally $14.99)
Agriculture MEGA Bundle I (my all-time best seller) – $2 !!
FCS Cooking MEGA Bundle I (another best seller) – $2
Rough Blobby Shapes Store: 15–20% off everything this weekend!

So go and grab these bargains on some of my biggest sellers for next couple of days only. Due to past TPT Rules we haven’t been able to discount Bundles like this until now so maybe I’ll do some more stuff like this – well, you know I will 🙂

Please pass this on to other teachers you might know that would love them too. The sale has to finish in the next few days – I’m going to hold out as long as I can…


My main reason for doing this Newsletter is to get my resources out and help more teachers, (hopefully) get a few more nice reviews on them, and grow a family of STEM teachers where we can help each other.

  • Grab the bargains if you don’t already have them.
  • Tell your teacher friends about the sale and share the RBS Newsletter.

Follow RBS on TPT for notifications about our new releases: & latest sale.

And another thing…

Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton? I love her new, (and 49th!!) album, Rockstar. A highlight has to be What’s Up? with Linda Perry. I remember playing 4 Non Blondes and cranking it up in the studio when I worked in radio in the 90’s.

Finally – how to dry your hands.

Michael @ RBS