September – Ba Dee Ya!

Hello Hello!

Firstly: Giraffes are Way More Complicated Than We Thought…

Hope you’re all settling in for the new year / term wherever you are. August was flat out for me at school and at home. Been very exciting month or so at school ordering up for the rest of this year and next – plus replacing a lot of old equipment for the first time since the school opened 40 years ago – more or less rebuilding our workshop. Been very rewarding to have the support of my Head Teacher and Principal.

Yes this month’s blog is a bit late. I was involved with a couple of awesome promotions for my Newsletter which pushed forward a lot of improvements I had been planning. Now is a great time to get onto the Newsletter if you don’t already subscribe.

There is a quick sale this weekend on TPT that RBS is involved in – search CozyVibes or visit the RBS Dollar Deals to find some great TPT resources for $1. Sale on September 29–30.

As part of the #CosyVibes sale, I have put the following Bundles on sale for $1:
Agriculture – Turkeys
Agriculture – Bioogy – Photosynthesis
FCS – Cooking – Kitchen Tools I
* and you might find some other bargains in there too….

New(…ish) Resoures:
Agriculture MEGA Bundle V:
Bees – Chickens – Fish – Pigs

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My main reason for doing this Newsletter is to get my resources out and help more teachers, (hopefully) get a few more nice reviews on them, and grow a family of STEM teachers where we can help each other.

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And another thing…

Who doesn’t love waffles??? I got my daughter a heart shaped waffle iron for her birthday about six months ago and that thing comes out at least once a week to make up a new batch. We store extras in the fridge then use the toaster or sandwich maker to warm them up.

I’ve been thinking about getting a deep waffle maker, and then of course Adam Ragusea comes out with his recipe for Belgian waffles cross-bred with Waffle House recipe.

So I might be getting myself one for my birthday in a month or so 🙂

Finally – go be weird.

Michael @ RBS