Hello and welcome to March

St Patricks Day Resources

Firstly: No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay in the Air!

Hope you’ve all had a great start to the year – who can beleive it’s already March and almost Easter!! I’ve been flat out at school setting up all our new equipment and sorting out the new classes. At home I’ve been having lots of fun with my new yellow iMac which I’ve posted a few things about on Instagram.

Also on instagram I posted about an excellent article Drive had about Mimi Vanermolen – an amazing car designer who made so many important and effective design changes to cars which still resonates today. Check out how she made cars better by thinking about the “other” 50% of the population. I think Mimi would make a great subject for a Design & Technology class – or Women in STEM.

Some big plans for the new few weeks – Easter, April Fools, and then Earth Day coming up with a big promotion. But first – Saint Patricks Day!

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Saint Patricks Day:
First up – Saint Patricks Day is just a few days away, and I’ve put my Saint Patricks Day resources up on TPT – all for FREE.

These are great resources / activities / games etc now – but I hope to get them updated soon for my new 2024 format. Might happen with week, might not. But grab them now for free and then you get the updates for free when they become available.

If you like or find useful – please share with friends and leave a review. Thanks!

RBS Saint Patricks Day Resources – Free this week only
Saint Patricks Day – Classroom BINGO
Saint Patricks Day – Crosswords
Saint Patricks Day – Word Puzzles and Literacy

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And another thing… Chicken Parm Bites

I made these Chicken Parm Bites for my kids (and us) a few weeks ago and they were fantastic. So easy, so tasty, hardly any mess. One of those things the kids initially screwed their nose up at (they always want my Tuscan or Jerk chicken and are suspicious of any variations) – but they loved them. Have absolutely made it into our rotation. Work great as a mid-week snack too – make lots.

PS – I just cut up breast meat pieces and slice into strips.

PPS – If you need a meat mallet – Wirecutter recommended the OXO Meat Tenderizer which is what I purchased and it worked great. Only $10 or something.

Finally – Is it too late to start??.

See you soon – Michael @ RBS

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