Student Crossword Puzzles for Paris Olympic Games

Summer Olympic Games – Paris 2024 Sports II – Crosswords

25 no-prep Crossword Puzzles for Summer Games Paris 24 Sports II.

Teacher Resources for Paris Olympics 2024 - Crossword Puzzles

The 2024 Summer Games will be held in Paris, France, from July 26 to August 11. This will be the third time Paris has hosted the Summer Games.

Suits Athletes, Swimmers, Athletics, Basketball, Diving, Rowing, Golf, Skateboarding, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Boxing, Track and Field, Fitness, PE Physical Education, Coaching, Gym class, and other related subjects.

Suggested for all years / ages. 

See Keywords (below) or try the Paris 24 Sports II – Free Sample Pack.

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RBS mini-Topics feature activities and worksheets with the main difference being they don’t include Clues or Definitions – just Keywords & Terms. So no Standard Crosswords etc. mini-Topics are great for topics when clues and definitions might just get in the way of some fun (eg: Pizza toppings, Easter, April Fools etc.).

Crossword Puzzles are a fun, quick, formative assessment tool, to help monitor progress of what the student has learnt and can recall from the topic content and glossary terms and definitions. (Bloom: Knowledge, Recall). 

Crosswords are also a terrific “Do Now” activity at the start of a lesson or a great time filler at the end for early finishers.

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Summer Games Paris 24 Sports II – Crossword Puzzle features:

  • Zippo Prep Printables >> Print and go!
  • Printer friendly – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • 25+ researched keyword terms and clues for each topic.
  • Multi versions of puzzles: class variety, individual work, reduce cheating.
  • Varying levels of challenges, difficulty, test depth of knowledge.
  • Solutions provided for all puzzles.
  • More Crossword Puzzles from RBS.
  • Zip download includes resources in PDF format.

Summer Games Paris 24 Sports II Crossword Puzzle types:

  • Anagram Crossword Puzzles. ^
  • Clueless Crosswords – Solve the Coded Message.
  • Communicative Crossword Puzzles. (1×1 or Group Work)
  • Mystery Crossword Puzzles. ^
  • ^ Featuring versions with and without Wordlists

Summer Games Paris 24 Sports II Keyword Terms include:

  • Dove
  • Bronze
  • Artistic Swimming
  • Handball
  • Pentathlon
  • Marianne
  • Archery
  • Paris
  • Breaking
  • BMX
  • and 15 more…

Summer Games Paris 24 Sports II – RBS Resources:

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