Holidays – Saint Patricks Day – Bundle

Bundle of 27 no-prep resources for Holidays – Saint Patricks Day.

Suitable for all classes and students of almost any age. Celebrate March 17.

Our Saint Patrick’s Day keywords include all the typical fun Irish terms, plus a few others covering the story behind St Patrick himself if you want to talk about that a bit in class. Hopefully there are a few you might not have thought of: Craic, Shamrock, Snakes, Blarney, Leprechaun, Holy Trinity, Clover. Have fun!

For a bit of St. Patrick’s Day background, try Wikipedia or Britannica.

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Resource Bundle features:

  • Zero Prep – Print and go!
  • Printer friendly resource – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • Typically 20-25+ keyword terms and definitions for each unit topic.
  • Multiple versions for individual work – reduce cheating.
  • Various levels of difficulty across puzzle types.
  • Opportunities for individual, group work, collaborative learning and more.
  • Variety can address a diverse range of students and depth of knowledge.
  • Solutions provided for all worksheets.
  • Zip download includes resources in PDF format.

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom BINGO:

  • Call Sheets: ~25 keywords and terms.
  • 25x Cards: 3×3 + 4×4 + 5×5 Grids.
  • Introduce keywords and discuss their meanings.

St. Patrick’s Day Word Puzzles & Literacy worksheets:

  • AlphaBoxes intro activity sheet.
  • Anagram Clue FAW puzzle.
  • Code Word puzzles. (x4 versions)
  • Definition / Glossary builder.
  • Find-A-Word puzzles. (x5 versions)
  • Word Match assessment worksheet. (x2 versions)
  • Evaluate prior knowledge, research key terms, reinforce recognition, assess understanding of keywords and definitions.

St. Patrick’s Day Crossword Puzzle activities:

  • Standard Crossword Puzzle – No help. (x5 versions)
  • Standard Crossword Puzzle – First Letter help.
  • Anagram Crossword Puzzle.
  • Communicative Crossword Puzzle. (1×1 or Group Work)
  • Clueless Crossword – Solve the Coded Message.
  • No Peeky Crossword – Anagram Clues – First Letter help.
  • No Peeky No Help Crossword – No Grid or Length Help – Super hard.
  • Fun assessment tool. Opportunities for individual, group work, and collaborative learning. Variety addresses a diverse range of students and knowledge depth.

See individual resources for more details.

St. Patrick’s Day Keyword Terms include:

  • Parade
  • Isle
  • Charm
  • Dublin
  • Green
  • Leprechaun
  • Emerald
  • Snakes
  • Shamrock
  • March
  • and 15 more…

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Suggested uses and sequence for RBS resources:

  • AlphaBoxes: Pre-test students knowledge of subject and terms.
  • BINGO: Introduce keywords at the beginning of a topic. Invite discussion.
  • Word Puzzles – Find-A-Word: Reinforce keyword recognition.
  • Definitions Builder: Students research and build out their own Glossary.
  • Word Match: Assess comprehension and understanding of term / definitions.
  • Crosswords: Revise and assess keywords and definitions at the end of a topic.
  • Ideal for diverse classrooms. Can be used across multiple years.
  • Multiple versions of Word Puzzles and Crosswords provided.
  • Opportunities for individual, group work, and collaborative learning.
  • Perfect for “casual” or stand-in teacher emergency lessons.

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  • US CTE: Career & Technical Education,
  • Australian Curriculum – Digital Technologies & Design & Technology,
  • NSW TAS Technology Mandatory, Essential Technology, Electronics,
  • Appropriate extensions thereof (Physics, Engineering, STEM etc).
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