Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Movie) Word Puzzles Pack

Based on the 2005 movie, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (by Douglas Adams), these no prep Crossword Puzzle activity worksheets can also be used with the H2G2 book, TV Show, radio serial etc. The H2G2 film and books are deemed suitable for ages 11+ (middle school, high school, stages 4-5-6, school years 6 through to 12).

Find-A-Word Puzzles can be a great way to introduce words and terms at the beginning of a topic or unit. The Class Pack includes five unique Find-A-Word puzzles so students can work side by side without temptation to copy, or just to give you some options for a quick lesson filler when needed in a hurry.

Our Word Puzzles Pack also includes a simple Glossary Builder so the students can start filling out terms and definitions. Plus for some revisions we have included a Word Match worksheet and a unique sample Crossword Puzzle which are great for revision.

For help reviewing terms at the end of a topic – see our Crossword Puzzles (below).

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Word Puzzle Pack Features:

  • Zero Prep – Print and go!
  • Printer friendly resource – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • Typically 20-30 words and clues in each Find-A-Word Puzzle.
  • Solutions provided for all worksheets.

Find-A-Word Puzzles:

  • 5 variations of Find-A-Word – great for class sets.
  • Eight Word Directions: Across, Down, 2x Diagonals. + Backwards.

Literacy Worksheets:

  • Bonus Crossword – great for revision.
  • Glossary Builder – create a list of Definitions.
  • Word Match – review worksheet – match terms with definitions.

Word List Includes:

  • Douglas Adams,
  • Babel Fish,
  • Don’t Panic,
  • Slartibartfst,
  • Deep Thought, and more…

H2G2 Word Puzzles are based on the 2005 movie version of Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. However they still apply to readers of the books, listeners to the radio show, watchers of the TV show, and all the other conflicting complimentary formats. None of the “unique” content in any of the versions is included.

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