Hello World

Hello and welcome to my teacher resources website – Rough Blobby Shapes.

It’s been a lot of work getting to now – I think I started putting together this website back in October of 2020. There has been a lot of work gone into my first resources – plus life, work, and study to attend to as well.

I wanted to make sure the first resources were as complete as I could make them and to a high standard that I see in other TPT stores. I didn’t want to be coming back to them in six months or six years and needing to add Credits pages, T&C, decent Thumbnails etc. Probably meant I spent a lot longer trying to get the first one perfect, but sooner or later you need to ship.

I have a VERY long list of resources I want to create and share with other teachers around the world. For starters we are blowing out some cobwebs with some fun things like Bingo Cards, Crosswords, Word Puzzles etc. Simple stuff to get started with, hopefully useful.

OK – lets get on with it.