Hello and welcome to March Part II

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Firstly: What if we killed every mosquito on Earth?

Hope you have had a great month and maybe looking forward to a little break over Easter. Personally I’ve had a bit of a rubbish month – went home with a sore back a couple of weeks ago which then developed into the worst case of sciatica I’ve ever had. The pain in both legs was excruciating. Hard to believe that two weeks ago I could barely walk to the bathroom. Or stand up!

So yay for drugs and yay for sick leave! Actually it’s felt a bit like the Xmas break I never got over this Christmas just gone which was so busy.

Lots to get thru – let’s go:

All new resources 1/2 price for 72 hours on TPT 
Something I did when I first started my store was to put resources on sale when initially posting them. Not sure when or why I stopped doing this, but I was reminded when checking out a friends store and she was doing it.

So I am not going to hammer your inbox every time I release a new resource, but if you Follow RBS on TPT you can see new resources come up on the TPT App (or website) and you can get a daily email listing all the new resources from stores you follow.

#SpringDeals Hashtag Sale – $1
This one is pretty simple – a bunch or resources for $1 as part of the #SpringDeals hashtag sale (run by the TPT Hashtag Sales FB group, nice people).

I’ve added two of our more popular / best selling Bundles – Baking & Measurement (from FSC Cooking), and Soils (Agriculture). Grab them now for $1. Bargain!

Find them both here in our Sales / Bargains page

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And another thing… The Bacon Method

Cold oven. Middle Rack. 400 F. 20 min.

OK – here is a bit more info – but that’s pretty much it for making great bacon.

Dan Benjammin’s Bacon Method

Finally – Cell Phone Functions.

Michael @ RBS

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