Free teacher resources for Earth Day

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Free Earth Day 2024 Resources + Recipes

Firstly: Turtles All the Way Down

Earth Day Promotion and FREE resources:
This month my TPT / IG Science Group have teamed up to bring you some fantastic resources for celebrating and teaching Earth Day (April 22).

Grab these resources for FREE until Thursday, April 11. Don’t miss out!

  • Fun Assessment Tools
  • Engaging Comics and Doodle Notes
  • Interactive Earth and Environmental Science Activities
  • Ready-To-Print Puzzles and Worksheets
  • Environmentally Conscious Google Activities
  • Great for Middle and High School students

Visit our EARTH Day 2024 Promo website and select each resource squares and sign up.

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Something I did when I first started my store was to put resources on sale when initially posting them. Not sure when or why I stopped doing this, but I was reminded when checking out a friends store and she was doing it.

So I am not going to hammer your inbox every time I release a new resource, but if you Follow RBS on TPT you can see new resources come up on the TPT App (or website) and you can get a daily email listing all the new resources from stores you follow.

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And another thing… Chef Hacks to Save the Planet

Sorted Food did a great video (<20 mins) on hacking a few simple dishes to reduce food waste, lower costs, and generally make better choices for the planet.

Gotta say we have been doing the old bananas into banana cake for years. Yum. (By we I of course mean my awesome wife – I thought it was disgusting till I tried it and now I literally buy extra bananas so they go black. Pro tip – add some pitted dates on top).

I did the spaghetti / beans thing a few weeks ago – everyone loved it. 

Sorted Food Food Hacks for a Better Planet

Finally – Friendly Train Dog

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