Engineering – SI Units & Metric – Classroom BINGO

Engineering Teacher Resources - SI Units & Metric - Classroom BINGO

3x no-prep Classroom BINGO Card sets for Engineering – SI Units & Metric.

Introduce Engineering – SI Units keywords and discuss definitions of vocabulary at the start of the topic.

Suits CTE, Engineering, Physics, SI Units Math, Metric System, Systems of Measurement, Measurement and Data, Electricity, Computer Science, Digital Tech, STEM, and other related subjects.

Fully updated for 2022

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The Engineering – SI Units resources and worksheets focus on general SI Unit and Metric terms and some specific terms related to Engineering and Electrical Circuits. Most terms would be suitable for a younger class but the overall focus is on older students studying engineering, physics etc. See our Keyword Terms (below) or the Engineering SI Units Free Sample Pack for more details.

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Classroom BINGO allows students to become familiar with new keyword terms, spelling, and definitions. Talk through new vocabulary and assess prior knowledge as you play. BINGO could also be a part of revision or just some fun downtime on a rainy day. (NB: printed cards are not waterproof).

Included in Engineering – SI Units – Resource Value Bundle – 42 activities,

also in Engineering MEGA Bundle II – 120+ activities. **

SI Units Classroom BINGO features:

  • Zilch Prep Printables >> Print and go!
  • Printer friendly – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • Call Sheets: ~25 KLA appropriate keywords.
  • 25x Cards: 3×3 + 4×4 + 5×5 Grids.
  • Play either Line By Line or Entire Grid.
  • Consider laminating cards for reuse.
  • Use highlighters, markers, pencils, even buttons!
  • Zip download includes resources in PDF format.

Engineering SI Units Keyword Terms include:

  • Kilogram
  • Ohms
  • Tera
  • Watt
  • Byte
  • Peta
  • Siemen
  • Kelvin
  • Joule
  • Ampere
  • and 15 more…

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  • Aust NSW TAS: Technology Mandatory, VET Vocational Education & Training.
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