Cooking Food Tech – Baking + Measurement – Crosswords

11 no-prep Crossword Puzzles for Cooking + Food Technology – Baking and Measurement. Review and assess Food Tech & Cooking terms and have some fun with students. Suitable for classes involving Cooking, Home Science, Hospitality, Food Science, Food Technology, and Essential Technology. Suggested for Years 6-10 / ages 10-16.

Crossword Puzzles are a fun and quick formative assessment tool, which help monitor progress of what the student has learnt and can recall from the unit content and glossary terms. (Bloom: Knowledge, Recall)

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  • Our Baking + Measurement Resource Bundle for this topic includes 27 activities and worksheets.
  • AlphaBoxes: Pre-test students knowledge of subject and terms.
  • BINGO: Introduce terms at the beginning of a topic.
  • Word Puzzles – Find-A-Word: Reinforce term recognition.
  • Definitions Builder: Students research and build out their own Glossary.
  • Word Match: Assess comprehension and understanding of terms / definitions.
  • Crosswords: Revise and assess terms and definitions at the end of a topic.

Crossword Puzzle Features:

  • Zero Prep – Print and go!
  • Printer friendly resource – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • Various levels of difficulties across the puzzle types.
  • Typically 20+ words and clues in each Crossword.
  • Solutions provided for all puzzles.

Crossword Puzzle Types:

  • Standard Crossword Puzzle – No help. (x5)
  • Standard Crossword Puzzle – First Letter help.
  • Anagram Crossword Puzzle.
  • Communicative Crossword Puzzle.
  • Clueless Crossword – Solve the Coded Message.
  • No Peeky Crossword – Anagram Clues – First Letter help.
  • No Peeky No Help Crossword – No Grid or Length Help – Super hard.
  • Zip download includes resources in PDF format.

Word List Includes:

  • Cake Tin
  • Baking Paper
  • Processor
  • Moulds
  • Tablespoon
  • Baking Tray
  • Cake Tester
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • and 15 more…

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