Plant Transpiration printables

Agriculture / Biology – Plant Transpiration – Classroom BINGO Games

3x no-prep Classroom BINGO Game card sets for Agriculture / Biology – Plant Transpiration

Introduce Ag / Biology – Plant Transpiration keywords and definitions of vocabulary via fun class discussions at the start of the topic.

Classroom BINGO Games allows students to become familiar with new keyword terms, spelling, and definitions. Talk through new vocabulary and assess prior knowledge as you play. BINGO could also be a part of revision or just some fun downtime on a rainy day.

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The Ag / Biology – Plant Transpiration resources and worksheets are focused on introducing terms and concepts associated with plant transpiration, suitable for both Agriculture and Biology studies. It would be complimentary to our Photosynthesis and Plant Parts etc resources.

See our Keyword Terms (below) or the Plant Transpiration Free Sample Pack for more info.

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A fantastic bundle with everything I hoped for to cover agriculture. Will use year on year.

Emma T

Plant Transpiration – Classroom BINGO Games feature:

  • Zero Prep Printables >> Print and go!
  • Printer friendly – B&W or Color – Low ink use.
  • 2x Call Sheets: 25+ topic area keywords.
  • 25x Cards: 3×3 + 4×4 + 5×5 Grids.
  • Play either Line By Line or Entire Grid.
  • Consider laminating cards for reuse.
  • Use highlighters, markers, pencils, even buttons!
  • Zip download includes resources in PDF format.

Plant Transpiration Keyword Terms include:

  • Lenticels
  • Cuticle
  • Evaporation
  • Lenticular
  • Leaves
  • Ascent of Sap
  • Stomatal
  • Vapour
  • Cuticular
  • Aerial
  • and 15 more…

Included in:

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