2022 January Update

Well what a crazy 6 months it has been! We launched the site, got our first batch up products up on TPT, edited and re-iterated on them many, many times.

And just as we thought the 23rd version of the templates, descriptions, layout etc was perfect, I discovered the software I was using had been creating errors for about 6 weeks. So instead of making new products in my time off over Xmas, I spent it working with the developer for about 3-4 weeks, then recreating the old worksheets from scratch to replace the ones with errors. All 400+ of them!

In redoing the olde products, I took the opportunity to look at what had worked so far and just reevaluate things. I’ve decided to simplify things a bit – less versions of certain worksheets which were probably not needed. But also adding in a few new things too.

Finally come January I have started to create a few new products – our first Food Technology / Cooking ones have been released. I still have to update the Digital Technology and Holidays ones to fix them, but they will be next along with some more Cooking, Agriculture etc.

Even doing the Cooking Food Tech bundle I made changes to the new new versions I had done with the Agriculture ones. I’ll probably stick to this lineup for the foreseeable future. Which probably means going back again and redoing the Ag ones again once we update the rest.

Already I have planned out the next 40 or so topics to do – over 200 products – almost 1000 worksheets! Tired thinking about it 🙂

But so far the response has been terrific and I appreciate people who have purchased, left reviews, followed on TPT, followed on Instagram etc. I am making these worksheets to help you, so it’s great to see so far you are appreciating them.

Hope you have a terrific 2022 – we all hope it’s better than 2021 and 2020!!! Surely things have to start turning around? Be safe, look after friends and family, find wins in your little bubble of the world, and DFTBA – don’t forget to be awesome!

Hi Impact !!!