2022 April Update

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OK done that? Good. More on the Variety Pack below…

Had a very flat out January – February with all the updates to the older (broken) products and making new ones. My goal for the end of Feb was 150 products and we hit 128 (up from 60-65 I think) so I was pretty pleased.

After a bit of a break (and start of school / uni), I started making up some plans and reviewing the progress so far. Pretty happy but could see where a few (a lot) things could be improved and some needed updates before going forward again.

So I have been working on completely redoing our Descriptions, About PDF’s that come with downloads, Thumbnails and Previews on TPT, and pretty much tossed out the Video idea for now. I do have some ideas for photography and videos later, but later.

I started to do some research into how better describe my resources for Teachers in US where 99% of my audience is. Same same but different with terms like CTE, FCS etc. So I will be realigning the resource descriptions to not only better match the US nomenclature, but also common terms used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK England. That will be part of a big refresh of everything starting soon.

Actually that research started when I started looking into appropriate Core Standards Codes that could apply to my resources to help teachers find what they need. So after a bit of a crash course in that, I’ll be adding codes as I go too. (and yes, you too Texas TEK etc).

Finally I will mention our new Variety Pack (part I – part II Coming Soon ™). I wanted something people could get to sample across our products – not just a single KLA like the Agriculture MEGA Bundle. I also wanted a product I could list in the regular sales that TPT Seller groups put on. It’s actually a bit of a pain to put a regular Bundle on sale as TPT only lets you discount up to 50% of the sum parts. So for a $2 sale you have to do the individual bits too – then remember to undo them. A single Variety Pack with loads of resources included lets me discount it to whatever or even just give it away.

And so if you would like to get a free Variety Pack with 77+ teacher resources for CTE areas like Agriculture, Engineering, Food and Consumer Sciences, and some Holiday resources – sign up for my Technology Teacher Newsletter and you will be sent the first Variety Pack free. You’ll probably get the second too a bit later if you hang around…

Hope you’re well. Be kind to each other. DFTBA.